Tasting Notes

2015 Bourbon Barrel Red Blend bottle image

2015 Bourbon Barrel Red Blend

With bourbon-soaked barrels in our cellar, Barrel Road uses them for aging; bringing in warm spice and additional layers of complexity to our red blend. This wine is a deep, brilliant red and opaque. On the nose, notes of black cherry, molasses, and toast create a strong, inviting aroma. The palate is smooth, showing ripe notes of blackberry and plum, followed by toffee, maple syrup, and a hint of caramel on the finish. The finish is soft and long lasting.

AGING: Aged for 3 months in bourbon barrels
FOOD PAIRING: Molasses braised pork shank



For this wine, we source grapes from premium vineyards in California’s Central Coast and interior winegrowing regions. The Central Coast is noted for the cooling influences of the Pacific Ocean. The climate can generally be described as Mediterranean, with mild winters and long, dry summers. Proximity to the Pacific Ocean provides sea breezes that prevent over-ripening throughout the growing season.

California’s interior regions include – Sonoma County, Lake County, and Yolo County where a warmer climate dominates. In terms of wine grapes, plate tectonics of the North American and Pacific Plates create a rich geology; the variance in soil allow for exceptional diversity. Through careful selection, our winemaking team captures the essence of California wine for Barrel Road.



For this project, our entire winemaking team worked closely to craft a truly exceptional wine. Attentive selection and blending created the base for the wine before aging. From here, a portion of the wine was aged for three months in used bourbon barrels. Bourbon barrels bring unique character to wine. The traditional notes of an American oak barrel – vanilla, sweet chocolate, baking spices – mingle with the characteristics of bourbon – caramel, coffee, molasses. Final blending helped to preserve ripe, primary fruit characteristics, while balancing the added bourbon notes.